Sunday, December 25, 2011

Baby #2 and #3: First Set Of Twins!

After I got done changing my hair and clothes, I went and fed my lil' boy Aaron! I am sure gonna miss my first born when he leaves!

Then I started playing with him by tickling him and stuff...

Then I snuggled him because in about 1 or 2 days he will be a toddler... :(

I put him in his crib then left (don't worry I called a babysitter) and went to search for some fathers! Here is one that let me in his house at midnight....

He is the next father only because he let me in at 12 o' clock at night!

Then I walked up to him and greeted him...
Me: "Hi, I'm Trinity Kline what's your name?"
Him: "Hello, my name is Apollo Bloom..."

Me: "I have a question..."
Apollo: "What is it? I kinda want to go to bed..."
Me: "Can you be baby #2's father?"
Apollo: "Anything to let me sleep..."

Me: "Thank you!!"
Apollo: "Yea, yea anything to get me some rest!"
Me: "Ok........."

Then we tryed and I think it was successful!

As I went home I was super happy because I started thinking about my 99 other child that will be here soon! :D

When I got home I payed the babysitter and went straight to my baby to make sure he was ok... As you can probably tell, I don't like babysitters...

After checking him I went straight to bed! I was super tired!

Getting me something to "eat" before my baby Aaron wakes up!

After "eating" I got super sick to my stomach... Aaron was still sleeping... But I didn't throw up!

Taking a shower before the time for...

Little Aaron's birthday!!!!!

I fed him

And played with him to put him in a happy mood! It's his birthday! :') My boy is growing up to fast!

Time to say Happy Birthday! "Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Aaron, Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!!!"

SPARKLE TIME! Honestly this freaked me out a bit! O.o

While he aged I threw up :(

Then I used the toilet! :D

This is little Aaron! Also I forgot to take a picture of his everyday clothes but you see them thourghout the rest of this post!

This is Aaron's formal!

Aaron's sleepwear!

Then off to clean the puke... -_-

 Picking my beautiful baby boy up!

I put him in his crib so I could "eat"...

After "eating" you should always clean up aster yourself, I said to Aaron as he was in his crib... I want to have neat and tidy kids! I hope none of them grow up to cheat and their spouse and girlfriend/boyfriend!

Then I practiced playing the guitar and as I was Aaron was dancing in his crib haha :)

Then I went to sleep! I was tired!!

Little Aaron fell asleep right after I did! He is gonna be such a good boy! I think...

He woke me up crying so I went to pick him up!

He was hungry.. The only way I knew this is because he went "HUNGY!!!" haha it was so cute :)

I decided to get me something to "eat" also! :)

*Fun Picture* :D

Both of us "eating"! :D

After getting done I said "Guess what time it is!" He got excited because he didn't know what he was fixing to do! Hehe... ;)

When he saw that we were going towards the training potty, he got a little less excited! Hehe this is gonna be my favorite part of the whole thing! Hehe :)

When I was about to pick him up this happened!!!! Yep! I'm pregnant again!!!!!!! :D

I then tossed him in the air playing with him as I said "Your gonna have a little brother or sister!" He said "WAY!" He tryed to say 'YAY' but instead he said 'WAY'! It was soooo cute! :)

He hopefully will follow my footsteps and become a famous musician or rock star! :)

Using the toilet! Again! :3

Me helping him! :)

Me conducting him! :D Hehe Haha :)

Teaching him to talk......... Today was a learning day! His first word was "Shooting Star"! now let's see if he will be lucky and see one! Haha!

Potty training time! :D

Time to take a break from all the learning! Food time!

Toilet time!!!!! :D

Taking a shower! Aaron was still eating...

As I was starting to "eat" Aaron got done and was starting to cry because he was sleepy...

So when I got done I put him to bed...

After putting Aaron to bed, I decided to put myself to bed.........

Baby bump day #1!

Trying to be quiet cleaning! I started off by emptying the potty training toilet!

Then off to clean the shower but then I heard crying...

So I went to see what was wrong and when I walked out the bathroom I knew that he had used the restroom on his self......

Then I changed him to his everyday and put him in his highchair so he could "eat"......

Getting me a bite to "eat" as well! :)

Tickling Aaron to put him in a good mood!

Teaching him to walk!!!!

Baby bump day #2! Also holding a fussy baby!

Using the toilet! I wonder if anyone else use the toilet this much as me...

When I walked in he was playing so I went to play with him!

Potty training Aaron! Almost done!!!

Then I put him to bed because he was yawning....

I then got me something to drink!

I then went to sleep... For now on you see me sleep in  my underwear so I my feet can have more comfort from wearing the heels!

I woke up to Aaron being fussy so I got him and put him in his highchair... I also put the bottle there so he could eat...

Then I put him back in his crib because I had a feeling that the baby will be here soon...

I used the toilet and...

Took a shower to get ready for the hospital...

I took a nap when I didn't go into labor...

He fell into a deep sleep... We din't wake up til a couple hours later..

I got dressed and gave Aaron a bottle as I got everything ready for the hospital as I knew I was gonna give birth any minute now!!

When I was about to pick up Aaron, I went into labor!!!!! I called a babysitter and ran out the door!

Off to the hospital!!!! :D

In the hospital I go!

And out with two beautiful little girls!! This is Dawn Kline! Named after challenge mother Dawn Turner!

And this is Christy Kline!!!! Named after challenge mother Christy Quinn! Thanks for reading!! I would love if someone would get a little something for future posts! My wishlist-->  Comments are greatly appreciated! This is not the Christmas post! The Christmas post should be out this week! Thanks for reading!! :)